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European voluntary service

What is EVS?

EVS (European voluntary service, or  as we say in Slovenian language Evropska prostovoljna služba) is a part of Erasmus + program, through which European union allows young people to experience youth mobility, especially for the ones that wish better opportunities in their life.

What can EVS offer you?

EVS provides you with the opportunity to become a volunteer in another country for the period of 2 months and up to one year. In the exchange for your valuable time you get free place to stay, covered expenses for traveling to another country, food and monthly allowance.

During your activity in the organization the hosting organization provides you with mobility and a lot’s of learning opportunities in a new envoierment.  

How can I get more informations?

If you want more information, you can come to Youth centre Velenje, that is located in Efenkova 61. There you find Melita, and she will tell you everything that you want to know. You can also contact her through her mail address: melita.kovac@mc-velenje.si , or you can call her on her phone: +386 51 614 266.

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New program Erasmus+ is combining all programs for non formal and formal education. In this program now you can also find EVS (European voluntary service), as youth exchanges. Both of them are a part of Youth centre yearly program.