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Mladinski center Velenje

UgUr - Farewell

As every other good things my EVS in Velenje also came to the end and l am writing my last blog! So l already started to miss this place and the people…

After 11 months, l am still very sure that Laško is much better than Union. =) So, while l am writining this blog l decided to have ONE Laško…

Days are going really fast lately because there are so many things going on. To have party in Ljubljana was great then Turški večer in Postojna was even better but the concert on the castle was the best! And l can not believe that l am going to be in Turkey on Saturday.

Because this is my last blog. I would really like to write more, but there is a lot of friends l have to see and l am running out of time. =)

So see you in my goodbye party in eMCe Plac on Thursday!

Have fun guys… Čaw =)      -Ugur Uslu-