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     Merhaba Haftalik : )

I had pretty tiring last few weeks with lots of fun and l was not only in Velenje this time!

My first adventure in these time was the EVS training at Bled with awesome people. In that training we shared our experiences with other volunteers (one more time l saw that i am really lucky to be in Velenje  : ) ) and we had unforgettable moments. After training we decided to go to Austria for a short visit with our friends Juan, Hasan, Marie and Adam with ¨Red Devil¨! We had interesting and funny trip to Austria but l can not tell the same for red devil. It had hard times on snowy roads but did not disappointed us!

After we came back home from training, we had an event in our afternoon center for 3 days. So there were more people than usual which made us happy. After this even i had 2 big free days untill weekend. So it was good opportunity for me to get some rest which l was going to need. Because, the big day and party was coming! …Yes it is was Pust!

Finally, that day came and of course i was in eMCe with crazy people… In that party l had the best costume because l dressed like Turkish so, nobody could be better then me in any costume : )

A week after Pust we had an event in Mladinski Center with people from other youth centers in Slovenia and I was working in this event.

This week was kind of important for me because i had birthday in that week. Unfortunately, i had to wait untill weekend to get drunk : ) Before birthday party, one of my friend had a Turkish evening in Zagorje so i had to be there… after short but tiring train journey i finally got there and we had our Turkish evening right before Spanish night which was in Trbovlje in the same night!

As you can see it was getting harder to survive. But i did! As usual : )

So, finally we came back to Velenje with some friends and i had nice birthday party which started in our place ended in eMCe (Who knows when!) with wonderful people.

   Let's wait and see for the things that tomorrow brings!

     Haftaya görüşürüz, kendinize iyi bakın : )

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