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Mladinski center Velenje

Ugur blog part II.

Last week in Velenje was quite different than the others as l remember. Well.. there are some parts that i do not remmber from weekend! but l believe that makes it different and better : )

                I have not done much things in week days at Miladinski Center but weekend was pretty crazy : ) We had some guests from other cities and we had nice concert at eMCe Pluc with new kind of music style for Velenje. It does not sound so different so far but what happened after concert make the situation interesting for me!

                I have black outs in my life sometimes because of drinking more than l need but l have never cook chicken which was frozen in any of these times before! Sad part of the story i did not even eat it (my friend did!)

                This is the story that l do not remember any second of it! If you ask me l had great time in eMCe and l came to my room directly to sleep : )

                Let's wait and see what is going to be in the next days…

                                                                                                                                                        Ugur Uslu / Turkey