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I am almost at the end of my EVS in Velenje but l feel like l just started! I have seen and done to many things in these last days which made harder to leave this place…

I do not even know where to start to tell you about may last week. Should i start with the concert on Mladost, to see the Dubioza in Lampiončki or to be in the schools again?!

You all know how crazy was Kaoz and 6 Pack čukur or how much fun you can have in Lampiočki especially if there is Dubioza. And at least some of you know that we had fun together, when l was talking about my EVS experiences in schools!

But i am not going to talk about any of these great times that l had in last week. I am going to tell you how l feel about my country and  why l love and hate it at the same time in last couple days…

You may know, couple days ago there was an explosion in the coal mine in Soma/Manisa which caused the deaths of 300 people maybe more! That should be the saddest part of the situation but unfortunately not! Our prime minister and many other politicians made it worse… erdogan said that ¨it is in the nature of this job so it is normal. It can happen and it also happened in the other countries before!¨ instead of saying that he is sorry. It was just a beginning… Finally he went to Soma which sounds good for him but he punched one man who probably lost his family or friend in explosion. Then his guards finished the job which erdogan started… Moreover, counselor of erdogan kicked someone else with police in the same place just because they were angry to lose people and they protested against goverment. There are many examples like that… So, as you can see it is getting worse and worse…

You can not even feel sad for the people who died because you are to angry to feel sad. Now, tell me how can you love this country if you mean nothing in that?

On the other hand there are people who make you love this country. They are so pure and innocent that cares about the others more than themselves.

One man who was just saved after explosion says ¨just leave me save Mahmut, his wife is pregnant he must be saved!¨ or another man in ambulance says ¨let me to take my boots off, they are dirty!¨ or thousadns of people who run to Soma to help the people immediately… Now, tell me again how can not you love this country if you know that there are people care about you even if they do not know you?

I still have faith that things are going to be better for good! Let's keep our fingers crossed and wait for miracle ; )

After all, life still goes on and l have two more weeks in Velenje!

So, se vidimo v eMCe… adijo                                       - Uğur Uslu -