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Mladinski center Velenje

My friend

…these words were heard around the refugee camps in Greece, every day… day after day.

I just lived there for 1 month… and still can’t stop thinking about all my friends who cannot escape from there… and still I’m afraid of forgetting them, when I realize that for a couple of days I haven’t had time to think about all them…

Ludovico’s music can always transmit these feelings…https://youtu.be/0Bvm9yG4cvs

These emotions so hard to express so many times…

When I was flying to Greece, near the Makedonian border, I didn’t know yet if I would get the EVS in Velenje or not. Once there, after experiencing some weeks with all the people and sharing so many things, so many contradictions… I get the answer: yes, dobrodošli!

And again, so many contradictions move inside me…

Moving, being able to move free, while all this amazing people is stuck there when they are running away from war…

Life is a cycle… a circle.

Things come, things go… you close a window for opening another.

Some people share a long way with you. Others just pass by. But the impacts on you sometimes don’t need much time, they are so fast.

After this first weeks in Velenje, I’m happy to be here. I think is a great opportunity. I wish everybody could be able to choose it. I wish all humans were consider for what they are, not for what they have or were they come from…

Open the Borders. Fuck borders.

I’m glad to be knowing all you now. To be living all these projects. I don’t want to forget all the people that is still behind some border… behind fears and injustices…

Freedom should be named always “I’m possible”, instead of “Impossible”.