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Ila's blog---The power of the street art

c/o Ex Tobacco Factory: Furstenfeld--Austria--Street poster workshop c/o Ex Tobacco Factory: Furstenfeld--Austria--Street poster workshop

"Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”― Banksy


Sometimes the medium become important, especially when needed to talk about the FUTURE. This week I was in Austria in Fustenfeld. I partecipated at graffiti's festival.
There I met a lot of people someone from Austria, some other from Hungary and Slovenia. I worked with them during the workshop that I had every day with famous street artists.

The first day we had a conference and they introduced us the Artists: Sumo, Daan Botlek and Lym Moreno.

After this, there was a big brainstorming and the theme was the FUTURE.

Every point of view was pessimistic. The days after we work in different team and we learned different techniniques: spray, stencil, posters.

The last day was the action day, we diveded in two team and every one had one wall.

Apparently during the discussion in a group  seemed we don't have nothing in common to share, no idea about the future and desire to paint the wall. However the present is the future and in this moment the mania of sharing dominates, that's it.

We painted and we have created a world inhabitated by brands app sharing. Why? Because this will be the future for us in the good and bad way at the same time.

Each of these apps has certainly simplified the life of many people on the other hand in someone created confusion about what is the real and  what isn't. In this case who believes in the reality of the pixels lost the plaseaures: to look into the eyes, touch the other person like the fun of the unexpected disappoint of someone and his reaction.

So for this we thought the phrase "Our Un-social future?!"for scure with all these connections we will be ever and everywhere in touch but sometimes we could lost in sociability when we aren't careful what happens at fifty inches of our laptops or smartphones.

To je to.

Lahko noč 

                                                                                                           Ilaria Balestra aka ILa crossbow