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My first drawing in Velenje My first drawing in Velenje

...A word thrown at random in the mind is like a pebble in the pond. The stone produces surface waves and the word falling deep into the mind brings with it images, sounds, memories, meanings and dreams. During this movement involves memory, imagination and the unconscious. The mind, however, is not passive but intervenes to connect, censor, destroy... (Translation from G.Rodari -The grammar of fantasy)...

The first drawing that I made in Velenje and a piece of the book that I was reading in that time. I'm in Velenje I arrived here four months ago and a lot of things are happened and I made.

What I think now about this city? It is a contradictory city, it has the quiet of the city lake and the strong personality of a city build during the Socialist Republic of Slovenia. All around it there are hills and little mountains and a big electricity industry. Other important component of the city is Paka river, the connection between Sotanj and Velenje. 

What fascinates me more? The lake and the mountains, of course, how many stories there are on them.

I already heard something about one dragon that live in the lake and some strange creatures that live into the woods. I promised myself that next goal is discovery something more about this. In the meantime with someone special already we did get a dragon into the Mladinski Center. 

                                                                                                                                    Ilaria Balestra