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Cultural mixing


is a lot of time that I don't give news, let's ture!To strat first the title, subtitle and image needed an explanation;during this days I check one way to learn a little bit of Slovenian I said just a little attention :) , thus I remembered that for the spanish I started reading comic strips.

I tried them in the Velenje's library...and TADAM!!!what surprise whe I found one famous italian illustrator translated in Slovenian. I didn't know this her comic,  it's great! Talk of a ščurek (remember somithing of Kafka fly)called Monsieur Bordigon that belevie to try the trascendental reality in our normal reality.

For example, he exachange the white of the bathroom's tiles in a plemenita luč and while we laugh his mistake he ever dies crushed.

In short I don't think to know better the Slovenian but I advise this comic because the story is funny and the draw coincide perfectly wit a vision fo the poor beetle.

Let us now at the subtitle "Cultural mixing" this is also for the comics because is written in both language(the written of story is also italian)but "Cultural mixing"also because I spend the last week end in Budapest, ok the city is wonderfull and definilly I love it, but just some days before here in I met one girl from Velenje that was been there for the EVS.  We talked about our experience and the cultural mixing that happens in EVS. Other reason for this subtitle is because this week end I stay in Smartno ob paki with partecipants of a strategic workshop of MVS and again I was fell inside a cultural mixing, I met one girl from Velenje that will go for a trip in Florence(my city in Italy)and she askme for few advices.

Simply we start to talk all togheter(there are other people from SSK)about  meals, drink, language and habits in each different country.

P.s. I hope no have bored. I say goodbye with a picture from Budapest.

Ilaria Balestra aka Ila crossbow

Shoes on Danube(Memorial to the Holocaust) Shoes on Danube(Memorial to the Holocaust)