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Ila's blog--Near the border

My draw in Metlika ;) My draw in Metlika ;)

During these weeks happened so many things that sorry I really didn't have the time to write on the blog.
But now I'm here and I want to talk about my new discoveries on the Slovenia, slovenians and one project also.
I have been to Metlika near the border with Croatia for say goodbye at another volunteer from Romania.
First of all I was completely fascinated from the landscape. There in Bela Krajina the hills become more docile and the forest is cover of birch trees.
In the clear days you can see the close Croatia. There is a river there called Kolpa, it is the witness of the story from these two nation that before was united under the SFRJ (Jugoslavija). In fact, it marks the border between them.
Metlika is a very quite city and sometimes I had the feeling that was a city guardian.
After I knew that it was, during the turkish invasions, a defender city and maybe for this and for the position on the border in the air there are the feeling of expectation and observation. Joking with my friend  said it is the city where you can paint the clouds.
The discovering more pleasant, no doubt,was the red wine made there, metliška črnina, I really loved it.

Back home in Velenje I spent a bit of time with some friends  and they presented me, Tina Maze on the web of course not live.
I'm not fan and expert of ski, I'm from the south of Italy to 30kms to the cost and I saw the snow only three times in my life.
They also get me in a party Tecno House…and I don't know actually if like me or not this kind of music. Maybe with the time I will learn to appreciate it.
In the end I want to talk about one project by me and Cristina the other Evs.
Someone asked us to do something with the theme Hate Speech and we created one picture half photo and half graphic draw. The photo half happy with one adjective that the people love to listen about themselves and half sad with words that hurt them.

                                                                                                          Ilaria Balestra aka Ila crossbow