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Ila's blog "krompirjeve počitnice"--POTATOeS HOLIDAY

One kid with her bat One kid with her bat

The name of this holiday is so funny for me!I was expecting to eat a lot of potatoes...of course that here you can eat potatoes every day if you want. But no the origin of the name someone explained me that is from the potatoes farm. During this period there was harvested and children to help on the farm had their school holidays. The potatoes there are still the holiday also about the crop I don't know! Doesn't matter we have had a lot of kids in the morning in the Mladinski Center and with them we have created many toys with recycled materials. Bat from eggs packaging, snake from finished rolls of toilet paper, ghosts and monsters from the yogurt's cup.

Ila's stupid illustration ;)

After the duty is always the pleasure, and enjoyment when it comes to music. Two concert in Emce Place. In this regard I want open a parenthesis, in Velenje there is a big musical culture if you like the "good" music you can spend a lot of time with some people talking of music but most of all you can learn many from them. So in recent weeks I also started my journey in music.
For know really someone discover what listen and what read and you understand like think.



      Ilaria Balestra aka Ila Crossbow