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Hasan blog part III

I had one the best week in Evs. After monday we went to Bled-Lesce for mid-term training to a great hotel( ok,maybe not for location). I have been in Bled before during summer time. It was fabulous. Now i could see it arround of the lake again with too much sadness 'cause of ''natural disaster''. But I believe that Bled will gain again its good old days. Another important thing about training I met new people from Spain, Serbia, Germany, Macedonia, Ukraine even Sweden. So we learned usefull stuff about EVS and had good time together.
   For weekend we passed to Austria/Klagenfurt and tried to visit a magnificent castle, guess what happened; it was closed for visit even though it was nice actually.
   I must say this, The life goes fast in Slovenia. I need to catch it. See you next week