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Mladinski center Velenje

Hasan blog, 14.2.2014

As a city Velenje is like an iceberg. It can be seen nothing going on in the city. But believe me, you should look more carefully.  For why, too much events, concers, exibitions and even big festivals. They are capable of all that things. I know just because i have been there. And the people who live in that iceberg, pretty far away being cold. They all welcome you in any circumstances, treat you nice, want to have a great time together. I know that too with a lot of  experience from first hand, they know how to make fun. Lastly: I can say about this iceberg for all, you make good memories in Velenje. Like i did, like ex-volunteers did.  So then thank you very much and hvala lepa Velenje


                                                                                                                      Hasan Baldan