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Zdravo! Hello!
This week was quite busy. Especially after a hole week of holidays in Venice…

Last week I crossed something out of my bucket list: Carnaval in Venice!
This Friday I finally had my Portuguese night or, in Slovenian, Portugalski Večer.

I went to a few other cultural nights and I allways had fun learning and celebrating my friend’s culture, so I worked hard to do the same for them.

I tought I knew how to cook all my country dishes, well I know the theory, so on my Portuguese night’s eve all I wished was that I could take my mom from skype to Velenje!

In the end all went well, I am lucky and had lots of help from my evs friends that came for the party. 

I think everybody enjoyed the food. And… also the drinks!

What is a Portuguese party without the famous Porto wine!?

After the party we decided to hitchhike to Ljubljana. I had never hitchhiked before coming to Slovenia because it is not usual in my country but I like it a lot!

I don’t spend money and I met (sometimes) really nice people! Till now all our hitchhikings have been so successful that we are having this crazy idea to hitchhike to Austria. We will see…

In Ljubliana it felt like summer! On Sunday we went to picnic on Tivoli, and ate strawberries, it was just the perfect end of the week!