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Filipa blog part III.

Last week was spent with EVS people and a week spent with EVS people is for sure a good week!
In the beginning of my volunteer service I had the “on arrival training”, a week when all the EVS of Slovenia get together to meet each other and share their experiences, and now it was time for “midterm training”!
Last time was in Bled and this time was in a place really really close to Bled, like 20 minutes away close.
Yes maybe I was wishing for some different place but I like Bled so much, I made so many good memories from the last time that it’s never bad to go back!
After the first training all together we head up to Ljubljana and went to Metelkova on Friday , this time without really planning it some of us did the exact same thing.
I haven’t been there for a long time before this Friday and I think I forgot how much I like it!
In general I think I had forgotten how much I like Ljubljana.
These past months I’ve been there a lot but just for brief moments or just passing by. And now, like after the on arrival, after the midterm we spent more time discovering and re-discovering Ljubljana.
It felt really good to go back to Metelekova, to that cheap pizzeria on Kongresni square where we allways used to go or to my favourite coffee shops.

Filipa Matias