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Eurovision, Summertime and Thunders

Hello world!
This last week has been quite productive! I’ve been working on my personal project, a stop motion video result of some animation workshops with the kids of mladinsky center.

In the weekend I head off to Ljubljana, well to Medvode, to spend a great weekend with some friends.

On Friday my Spanish friend organized a Salsa Večer and it was a success! Many local people from Medvode joined the event and even a group of professional dancers came to teach us some hardcore moves! It was really fun, besides the music and dance there was a lot, really a lot of sangria!

On Saturday the weather good, the sun was shining and the house had a garden and a outdoor table. So we had a lovely outdoor lunch!
Our Turkish friend is a really good cook, he prepared the perfect meal, with starters, desert and everything!

To enjoy the rest of the day we went to visit Kranj.

To be in t-shirt and having that view of the alps with snow on top was amazing for me!
The city center and the park by the river are really nice also.

Saturday night was eurovision night. In my country nobody cares much about the eurovision contest, especially young people, and I also make part of that group. But this Saturday I went to a flat of a (Slovenian) friend of a friend in Ljubljana.

It was so fun to see how excited everybody was, you just see this kind of excitement in my country if there is a football match on tv.

Well the weekend ended and was time to go back. In the way home, on the bus it started this crazy storm, I saw some of the most impressive thunder lightings. It was nice till I had to go out of the bus!