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Hitchhiking is not at all usual in my country…

It’s something considered dangerous and no one does it unless some surf tourists.

I completely changed my attitude towards hitchhiking here, in Slovenia.  I guess for now on I will stop whenever I see some rare lonely hitchhiker in my country.

This is one of the new life experiences I take from this evs life. And I actually like it a lot. It’s fun and free!

So the first hitchhiking of the weekend was from Trebovlje to Litja, where my friend Ira, from Ucrain, did a presentation about the current revolution.  It was so inlightening, I could understand better why it started, how it started and how it is now the situation in Ucrain.

On Saturday the plan was to hitchhike to koper.  After 168 km and 3 car rides we arrived to koper at 3 pm!

At the same time, other “team” was hitchhiking from Črnomelj to Koper. They were also very successful and arrived there just one hour after us.

The first thing we did was to find the kavarna with the best view over the sea, take a coffee and stay there forever.

Sunday was Piran’s day!

I completely fell in love with Piran, small and charming, with colorful houses.

Even though it still a bit cold all of us took our shoes and socks and dipped the feet on the sea.

Now I’m with a bit of a cold but it was worth it!