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Saying goodbye and saying hello

The end of April and the beginning of this mouth was the goodbye time for many evs.

Two great friends, a Spanish and an Ukrainian evs went home, and as you all know Hasan too.

Sayng goodby could be difficult but we made them good moments. Because we were all together partying one more time and because we always found some special surprise for our friends who are leaving.

The most special for me was in Ira’s goodby night, our moonhead Ucranian friend. We made her a “best dreamer” certificate and we all tried to throw her old shoes (that we all signed) on the wires of Metelkova. (we all tried because it is actually more difficult that it looks, we just got them hanging there at the 5th attempt! It was really funny to watch!)

After all the goodbyes it was now time to say hello!
Me and my friends went to Belgrade on the long weekend.

We choose the best hostel possible! They where promoting communication between people, and they had their own bar outside, or as they called “lounge” with free homemade rakia, where all our parties begun! Oh and I even met a group of Portuguese people there!

It was nice sightseeing with my friends but I would say that meeting new people and partying with them was definitely the best part of this trip.

I hope more trips like this are yet to come!