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How to have a perfect weekend in Trieste for 25€

How to have a perfect weekend in Trieste for 25€

Step 1 - hitchhike!

Step 2 – find a nice couchsurfer that besides hosting you, also will hang out and show you the city

Step 3 – buy good Italian wine in the supermarket and drink it with your friends in the castle or in the promenade by the sea

Step 4 – the same for food, buy nice food in the supermarket and eat in some place nice with a nice view, there are many!

Step 5 – hitchhike back home


The plan for this weekend: go to Trieste.

Things didn’t seem to be working out for us in the beginning. The guy that said that could give us a ride backed out, no prevoz and no answer of the 5465412154 requests on couchsurfing.

The plan B: spend the weekend in Ljubljana, and try to hitchhike to Trieste on staurday and spend there the afternoon.

It was almost time for my ride from Velenje to Ljubljana on Friday, when I saw the accepted request on couchsurfing , I just had time to add the bikini to the backpack and run!

In Ljubljana my friends, still in pijamas, packed fast and wrote TRST in the cardbox pice and there we go!

We waited something like 10 minutes and we found a ride to Villa Opiccina, a place 15 minutes from Trieste!

Francesco met us in Piazza dell’ Unitá and took us to a bar full of locals to drink a glass of wine and eat fried zuckini.

Francesco was our host/guide for these three days. A very nice guy that learned Slovenian just for fun (he knew more than us three together!) and once hitchhiked from Trieste to Istanbul.

We left Ljubljana cloudy and rainy, but it was complete summer in Trieste!
On Sunday we went to the beach and swim for the first time in the year.  It was the first time I ever swam in the Mediterranean sea, the water was warmer than it can ever be in August in the open Atlantic!

On Sunday was time to go back. We thought it could be difficult to hitchhike on a Sunday, but it was the easiest ride I ever got!
It was just heading up the sign and we got a Slovenian card stopping for us, and directly to Ljubljana!

This weekend was perfect, and freaking cheap!

We had so much fun together, and I realized that saying is true: “the best things in life are free”