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Cristina - Uluru/Ayers Rock (Australia) Cristina - Uluru/Ayers Rock (Australia)

Before I came to Slovenia I was a bit scared, I have to be honest. Maybe because I didn't know what to expect from the project, country, people.. When my friends and my family asked me about the place where I was supposed to spend the incoming whole year, I could only tell them: little but nice city in the North of Slovenia, as Google showed me.. Came here for me it's been a radical change since my previous country where I spent a year, was Australia and I was like a gipsy without a place where to stay more then a month! Ironically I fell in love immediately with Velenje, the first place I’ve visited it's been the lake during the Indian camp. Happiness in the air and lovely place, what else? What I appreciate in Velenje are also the no-stop cultural activities and that art/music/festival/whatever can exist thanks to the great spirit of the people living here, from the youngest till the oldest. But above all, the involvement in all that activities. Being a part of the events with my passion, as photography, appear in some newspaper or radio.. what a big satisfaction! I'll try to put me in the game everyday, know as much as possible this country and improve my skills and obviosly one of my biggest challenge is: speak slovenian! :-)