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Pusti Grad Šoštanj

This morning with a super good mood, I decided to grab the bicycle and go. I didn't know yet where to but, since I was on the way down the river, I kept going till Sostanj. Such a positive discovery! Sostanj is a little nice village but at the same moment interesting. I've been up to the castle and the view from the top it's definitely amazing. You can see two lakes, all the sourrounding mountains, Velenje and of course HSE ;)
I've cycled close to this huge industry and I could see people working hard into it and at the same moment on the other side people working hard in the fields in front, digging and planting vegetables.
I also met two gentle old men and I tested my slovenian! What a funny moments but at the end we undestroood each other :)

Finally (it seems) spring has come, longer days and lots of things to do around Slovenia, events, meetings, trips!

Off to Postojna for the weekend!