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The previous weekends have gone in a really funny and nice way. Saturday 21.3 I was in Žalec, small village close to Velenje because of a music competition at the Domu Kulture: Festival GAS BRASS. A bunch of guys from Postojna, denominated Pivo in čevapi, trying to conquer the final in Guča and the Guča festival in Serbia and..fortunately the did it! They won the competition and in August will have place the final round! Has been really interesting listen balkan music with many different classical instruments and also at the end all the groups together in a unique band just to have fun! But even more when then, once the competition was over, we went in a little bar and they started to play inside of it!

Then, on Sunday, I've finally visited Postojna which is a nice city, the surrounding, Postojna caves and castle. Such a suggestive places! I didn't have enough time to go inside of them but I'll be back for sure.
Unfortunately I wasn't alone but with other friends of mine that have been already into them, so..

Off to Maribor last Friday for a surprise birthday party in Kibla to another volunteer from France, a bit of Ribno night on Saturday at EmcePlac and then on Sunday a crazy night in Klub Metulj Bistrica ob Sotli. Two bands, from France and Italy, playing hard music in a super tiny location! :D

Now fingers crossed and hope the weather will be good during Easter's weekend! 

When you think how small is Slovenia, is crazy how many things you can do, places that you can visit and I would say, beautiful! I still have to spend more or less four months here and I truly hope I'll have time to see everything that I couldn't see yet! :-)