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Cristina's blog

The confirm that the time runs incredibly fast, has been the midterm evaluation that we had in February. Six months have already gone and just half of this experience is missing.The location this time was Lasko, little village close to Celje. Awesome thermal spa with nice view and everything that we needed to enjoy the time there. We spent four days together, old and new evs volunteers and we had the opportunity to compare our work done so far and discuss about new projects, new collaborations obviously having fun! This time Alenka and Jake have been our trainers, different approach from the previous two, I would say quieter but still good, something that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. One of the greatest thing that happened during the meeting, has been for sure the group project.
Engineering school, 34 guys listening to you explain everything about EVS.We were in five and we all tried to give them more information possibile and interaction with them with 'young touch'.

Make new friends during this kind of meetings it's definitely normal, you spend more or less all the time together for few days and I cannot ask anything better. I love travel and thanks to this I have today even more chances to get everywhere in Slovenia!

We asked also for a final evaluation, for us sounds good finish this route all together and make the point of them situation. Cross all our fingers!

Once the midterm came to the end, Ilaria and me decided to reach directly Ptuj because we wanted be part of the famous carnival. Extremely crazy the way to get there, we had several funny moments on the train. We lost connections and we did hitchhiking, we have been hosted by a couch surfer, which was a single mum of three children one with more artistic veins that then the other! In Ptuj we could see the castle, the old centre, have a walk down the river and finally the Kurent!

Ugly (but lovely at the same time) masks with enormous bells attached around the body, making noise and scaring people around the city! Particular history behind this manifestation, with also all the other groups from Europe showed during the parade. Great afternoon, beautiful weather and new memorie from Slovenia culture!

Time to go back and work with the children trough the all week because of the carnival holiday. As always, creative workshop, cooking workshop, billiard competition e new project ideas :)