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Cristina's Blog

During the previous weekend, I've been in Italy with my parents and some relatives, travelling with our camper like a real gipsy family :-)

I had the opportunity to visit cities that I've never seen before, amazing Christmas Market and especially in a place close to Bolzano (Dobbiaco), one of the greatest mask's contest in Italy. More or less 500 participants from Europe with scary mask, drums, crazy motorcycle and whips to "beat" the public! At the end of the parade, I also got my face black and my ass frozen :-D

Bolzano and Trento were crowed because of these Christmas Market, you couldn't almost walk between the market but the atmosphere was magic, food specialities, handmade objects and colorful lights everywhere!

Verona then, is a beautiful city..the architecture, bridges, river and history!
Thanks to my host couchsurfer, I've also been in one nice restaurant (BUNS), where I could eat an awesome vegan hamburger! I'm still dreaming it, delicious!

The last but not the least, Trieste. Unfortunately I hadn't time to go trough the center, I arrived there late and the wind was terrible! But I'm sure that I'll have time to go there once again, maybe in spring :-)

Waiting for the Christmas holiday and the celebration of the new year in Beograd, the program and all the projects are going on! :-)