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Mladinski center Velenje

Cristina's blog

Thanks to Jono's visit, famous blogger from Australia, I had the opportunity to visit the Velenje mine (muzej premogovništva) and the castle (Velenjski grad) in it entirety.

The mine it has been a great experience for me! At almost 200 meters underground with miner's helmet and jacket, I could see where the miners used to work (some still working down there), in what conditions and with which machinery.
Lots of people died inside of this kind of mine, everywhere. Hard job, without natural light and constantly with harmful gases and smoke, dirty clothes and broken back.
We had a very competent guide that showed and explained us everything and brought us back with the original elevator in iron, safe and sound :-)

After the mine we had the tour of the Castle. We could visit every collection in each room of it. I didn't know that was so big and fascinating inside.
My favourite has been the African one but I could smell of history in every single piece found, picture or flag over the walls!
As for the mine, a special thanks to the guide who showed and told us everything even about the smallest glass or puppet :-)

We had to say goodbye to Jono, another long trip waiting him and quite tired got back to the 'home sweet home'.
Gorgeous occasion to know more about Velenje and Slovenia history!