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Mladinski center Velenje

Cristina's blog

Another two busy weeks have come to the end!

First we had the opportunity to introduce the center and the activities that take place every day thanks to the flyers in various locations in Velenje, to people that don't know yet about it.

Then, during this potatoes holiday, we've been working every day from 9.00 till 14.00 with the children in our center. We had different creative workshops with recycled material and always a cooking one!
The children loved it, especially since, as always, they had the opportunity to have fun together with several games, create and learn something new.
Obviously, it didn't miss the moment of Halloween make-up! Scary little boys and girls everywhere :-)

But this festivity isn't only fun for children, also for adults. Couple of great events at eMCe plac, ended with two groups, "QUI" and "BUG", one better than the other :-)

Now a bit of rest enjoying these sunny days and ready for the next week program!