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Prague, Zagreb and Budapest

During the last month I've had the possibility to visit three stunning cities: Prague, Zagreb and Budapest.
I've been in Prague with the Faculty of Culture's group from Ljubjana. Such a nice bunch of people, all of them with something memorable and interesting to say. They made my week there with the beauty of the city.
Clean, full of monuments, little way where you can loose yourself..amazing view up from the hill down to the river, the islands and centre. Prague is super cheap, (alcohol in particular) and attracts many tourist, which are definetly fascinating by the astronomical clock with moving puppets :) We've been in Kafka's cemetery and at the MIllion Marijhuana march!

We've also visited Brno and Plzeň, other two beautiful cities of Czech Republic!

Then, by myself I decided to organise a trip in Budapest via Zagreb.
I took a bus directly from Ljubljana to Zagreb, where I spent  few hours and I would say that, even if it's smaller that other cities, it's very active, with a lot of nice spots attracting the attention.
When I was there in the main square, I've had the lucky to assist at one gospel concert and then some croatian music on stage. I've visited the
cathedral and then headed to Budapest with BlaBlaCar :)

I arrived in Budapest around 2.00 am in the morning and the guy that was driving the car (Italian boy doing Erasmus there), understrood the situation and gently hosted me for the night. I couldn't ask any better place, one roof over my head, one couch and few steps from the city centre.
I left him and the house early morning and I went to the hostel where I dropped of my backpack and I started my tour around the city.
What to say..once again beautiful, crazy, interesting, lovely city!
Budapest has everything you need, place where to relax like Margaret island or pub as Szimpla where you can see the hungarian style making love with organic food market, beers and wine!
I loved the Jewish tour (which was for free) and the Judafest, Deak square, the castle, the view from the statue of the Liberty and definitely my hostel (Colors Budapest hostel)!
It's been one of the best so far, close to the main sights, clean, big room, continental breakfast and luckily the stay has gone with beautiful people. Guys from South America, Thaiti, Hong Kong, Canada, France and also Slovenia..!

I'll suggest to everyone a visit in those cities because they really worth it.

I came back in Slovenia still thanks to BlaBlaCar but this time with a guy from Ljubljana.

I would say: perfect trips :)