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Cristina's blog

I arrived in Velenje more or less three months ago and it’s incredible how many things have already happened!

During July, after the Indicamp Kokopelli, the activities at Kotalkaliscu have been the first with the children. Workshops, music or spider session, draw o color, batique, Italian/English/Slovenian lessons.. were some of those. Great place where to stay together and have fun with plenty of space for children where play without dangers!

Soon has arrived the invitation to a scout camp in Ribno. I didn’t know what to expect but now I can say that it has been a crazy week! Rivers of beer and games, songs around the campfire, hiking by walk or bike in the surrounding woods and the opportunity to visit the amazing places like Bled and Bohinj. The negative things of that week was that other three girls and me, have had to clean the dishes everyday for everyone but..we got the stay for free in exchange of this service so now all the pains have gone

Once back in Velenje the first festival in which I participated has been : Nekoc Je Bilo Jezero – festival ljubezni do umetnosti. After a week of material preparation like fancy dresses, masks, wood boat and scenography with a bunch of beautiful persons, there was the final show! Funny and, at least for me, new experience about ‘acting’

I had the visit of my parents and my lovely dog too meanwhile for a couple of days, and this made me really happy! I could show them the place where I’m living and part of the activities

Finally Kunigunda! The most popular festival in Velenje that everyone is waiting for all year round. Several events, stages, concerts, coffe shop, expositions and competition. I had the honor of making some reportage and being part of the team who have had to cook for the visitors, workers and artirst. Unfortunately I could enjoy only two days of it because I have had to participate at the ‘on arrival training’ in Dobrna.

Such a good experience that Dobrna. The place, the activities and the persons that I’ve met there made my week. Mix of emotions, sensations, fears and happiness. Time full of things to do and say, putting the mind and the soul in front of everyone and trying to put out the real toughts with great mentor/coordinator. Occasion to meet the others volunteers and compare the feelings, the projects and why not, the private life. Thanks to that training I have today the opportunity to travel around Slovenia and meet them and visit new place as well.

The surprise never end and so..I decided to go to France to visit some friends that I’ve met last year in Australia. What can I say except: amazing trip!? I’m in love with France, French language, French culture, landscape and obviously with my friends I’ve spent 3 days in Paris and 3 days in the South close to Toulon and my tears were falling down when I had to leave. See them after Australia experience was weird because we met each other in totally different situations, dresses..but in the same moment was exciting. These are the real friendships for me. It doesn’t matter the distance, the time, the future plane. Wherever you go, wherever you are, you’ll always find time for a real friend.

Back to the reality and immediately full immersion in Pikin Festival. Crowded of children and all the time something ready to start. In this occasion too, I’ve had the opportunity of making reportage everyday and enjoy up to bottom the happiness, organization, sometimes tiredness but at the end the proud of what has been done! I can say that this is my favourite festival in Velenje so far

27 years have arrived and the celebrations were the most intense ever had! Different locations, parties, gifts and above all fun! I’ll remember this Slovenian birthday forever thanks to the people who have contributed make this real!

Velenje, as we already know, never sleeps and here we are with a new event: KK? TK! Special presentation of all the activities in the city in which you can participate and typical flavors.

Last but not the least during that day, the confrontation of the candidates for the mayor charge.

As for Ribno, the opportunity to participate at a Street Art Festival in Furstenfeld has arrived! Creativity of young mixed with experience artists in the world. As always, great place, great people and new challenges! Feel important and shy in being able to show the work done, have the opportunity to paint a real wall and learn new artist techniques. All things that enrich the luggage of the life!

How can’t you take the opportunity to go to Vienna since you are so close? Couple of days to visit this nice city, beautiful castes and gardens, interesting architecture, lovely city center and typical austrian pub!

The job calls and here I am, back to Velenje with my children and with new project ideas. The mosaic, the workshops, games at the youth center proceed and the children’s holiday is coming so..ready for new adventures!