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Balkan Trip - Ugur

  We have been planning to have a crazy adventure before we all leave from Slovenia. But, if you ask me l become too lazy to plan anything! Luckily we have czech friends who always came up with good ideas =) Finally ¨WE¨decided for our adventure… It was going to be 10 days trip to some of the Balkan countries (Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia,Monte Negro). It sound great right?? I thought so.

  So, me, our czech friends Adam, Marie and Hasan especially our Red Devil were ready for our trip!

  The day came and we started to our trip with a Spanish night in Črnomelj with lots of sangria! As you can imagine it was a good start =) After great party in Črnomelj Adam who was our driver during all trip started to drive to Bosnia. In the team we all had our missions. Marie was the navigation, l was DJ!! Hasan?? Not sure! =) I think he was the cook…

  First night in Bosnia was awesome. We stayed in an eco village for a night and met with great people. Then we moved some other cities. Our plan was busy and we wanted to see too many places like Dubrovnik, Kotor, Mostar, Sarajevo, Belgrade and some other cities. Besides many naturel beauties on our way!

  During this Balkan trip we got really good memories from each place that we have been and left something from us like phones, shampoo… =) Moreover, i will never forget the volkswagens and Pyramid in Bosnia, crazy night in Mostar and the next day of course! (Thanks to rakija) Shisha in Sarajevo and how l get lost in Kotor… Also how beautiful countries you have!  

  Some days were crazy, some days were tiring, one day i do not even remmber what happened =) but all trip was amazing. At the end we were all happy (maybe Red Devil was not happy after 2550 km!!) that we had this trip together… At least we did not kill eachothers =)

  So l am ready for one last adventure in Slovenia…

     Ugur Uslu